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Phor Phriends. Phor Phamily. Phor Phun.

Phill's Phire Phoods

About Us

Phill’s Phire Phoods is a catering and phood company started in 2018 in the San Phrancisco Bay Area. With a mix of Latin Caribbean and Puerto Rican phlavors, Cheph Phill Quinones has brought a culinary experience from his hometown of Miami to the West Coast phood scene. 

Phill’s Phire Phoods specializes in events, pop-ups, and chips! We’ve phed companies such as Yelp, WeWork, Macy's, Biteunite, and Off the Grid. Our mantra is “Phor Phriends. Phor Phamily. Phor Phun” and we'd love to continue to bring phun to our community of phriends and phamily. Oh yeah, we were also named the third best phood truck in San Francisco by 

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Our Catering

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Phill's Phire Phoods
San Diego & San Phrancisco, CA

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